Contribution to Dietary
Habits and Health

Green tea leaf
Green tea leaf

Contribution to Dietary Habits and Health

The ITO EN Group provides healthy and fulfilling lifestyles through research and development with an eye towards an era with a 100-year lifespan and through products and services helpful to the health of people of different generations

Themes and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Research and development toward the era of the 100-year lifespan

Number of research presentations relating to health value of foods

25 (per year)

Contributing to the health needs of customers and their ever-diversifying lifestyles

FOSHU and Food with Functional Claims sales breakdown

30% or more

Overseas sales ratio

12% or more

Product safety and security / Pursuit of quality and reduction of environmental impact

International food safety certification rate
* Domestic beverage / leaf manufacturing plants

Acquisition rate 100%

Beverage / leaf factory audit rate
Domestic beverage / leaf manufacturing plants

Implementation rate 100%

Contributable SDGs and Targets





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Responsible marketing

The ITO EN Group endeavors to ensure compliance with laws and regulations in its marketing communications and product labeling, in accordance with the ITO EN Group Policy on Responsible Marketing.

Review and management system

Specialist business units such as the Legal Department review and verify the labelling of products and other items including advertising and sales promotion materials. By identifying and revising/addressing any misleading representation or other labeling issues in advance, we strive for labeling/expression which is in compliance with laws and regulations and the industry's own voluntary standards and which is appropriate, clear and not misleading.

Training system

ITO EN regularly provides employee training on labeling-related laws and regulations through means such as e-learning and business unit-level study meetings. Brand managers overseeing each brand group receive training about new laws and regulations through development meetings and other channels and provide feedback/training at a brand group-level, in an attempt to instil knowledge/raise awareness of new legislation among employees involved in relevant business operations.

Research and development toward the era of the 100-year lifespan

Through industry-academia partnerships, we are working to solve the health problems of all generations of people and prolong healthy life expectancies, with an eye toward the era of the 100-year lifespan.

Research for super aging society

Verification of effect of green tea and matcha green tea powder in improving cognitive function and elucidation of mechanism

Collaborative research by ITO EN Central Research Institute, Shimadzu Corporation and MCBI (Molecular and Clinical Bioinformatics) Inc.

Lifestyle research

Research into the function of gallate-type catechin found in green tea

Lowered bad cholesterol levels, suppressed body fat absorption, other benefits

Joint research with Tohoku University, etc.

Research to address society's health concerns

Antiviral action of green tea

Fighting the influenza virus, the inactivation of the COVID-19 coronavirus in a test tube and the introduction of the practice of gargling with green tea and holding green tea in the mouth for a while for public hygiene, and others

Joint research with the University of Shizuoka, the Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine and other institutions

Contributing to the health needs of customers >and their ever-diversifying lifestyles

Research and product development related to health value and nutrition

The ITO EN Central Research Institute has been conducting activities to popularize tea, focusing on basic research, such as the evaluation of food ingredients including tea and elucidation of their mechanism, and applied research to demonstrate the effectiveness of their intake, and learning about diet to promote product development and people's health. Our strategy is to use this basic research as a foundation for devising on-target patent strategies, and perfect our initiatives by creating technologies that are unique to ITO EN. High quality research outcomes backed up by our unique knowhow help us develop inimitable products.

Factors such as the global increase in health consciousness and changes in consumer lifestyles are fueling concern over nutritional issues, such as deficiencies in the consumption of vitamins and minerals and the excessive consumption of fats, sugars and salt.

Leveraging the outcomes of research conducted over many years, ITO EN has developed an extensive lineup of Food for Specified Health Uses (FOSHU) such as the Oi Ocha catechin-rich green tea series, which has two health claims and is targeted toward individuals with high body fat or cholesterol levels, and foods with functional claims (FFC) such as Oi Ocha Koicha.

We sell the Oi Ocha Omatcha series, which are foods with functional claims containing theanine and tea catechins, which have been reported to improve the accuracy of cognitive functions (attentiveness and judgment). Matcha is highly regarded around the world for its delicious taste and health benefits. We will step up announcements of the outcomes of research into the health benefits of matcha and the dissemination of information about the functionality of matcha in collaboration with local governments.

ITO EN will continue developing products which meet the health needs of its customers and continue contributing as a Health Creation Company which proposes healthy and fulfilling lifestyles.

Provision of product information on packaging and our website

ITO EN indicates raw materials and nutritional information on the packaging of the beverage products that we sell. In addition, we voluntarily disclose the origin of raw materials used for green tea, barley tea, vegetable drinks and tea leaf products on product packaging and our website. We have also complied with the Amendment of the Food Labeling Standards and taken action to ensure we offer products that people can enjoy with complete peace of mind and safety.

Range of container sizes to meet diverse customer needs

ITO EN's products come in containers of all sizes, ranging from large family-sized containers to small containers of an easily drinkable size to meet the needs of customers worried about excessive intake.

Pursuit of product safety and quality and reduction of environmental impact

As we handle food products, the ITO EN Group recognizes quality and safety as the most important aspects of our responsibility to our customers. We have established a strict quality control system from product design, raw materials and packaging materials to manufacture and distribution, by which we ensure product safety.

Reduction of environmental impact throughout the product lifecycle

ITO EN works to minimize environmental impact throughout the product life cycle.

Initiatives to improve customer satisfaction

In FY2009, ITO EN pledged to achieve voluntary conformity with the ISO10002 standard (an international standard for complaint handling management system). This standard requires companies to work continuously to make improvements in their various activities, and to create and operate a PDCA cycle-based complaint handling framework in order to achieve greater customer satisfaction. In accordance with the Basic Policy for Customer Satisfaction, ITO EN improves customer satisfaction by actively utilizing customer feedback in corporate management to help it develop better products and improve sales practices and by putting its management principle of Always Putting the Customer First into practice.

Basic Policy for Customer Satisfaction

Structure for promoting improvement in customer satisfaction

Structure for promoting improvement in customer satisfaction