Tea Growing Region

Of Japan's 47 prefectures (provinces), Shizuoka and Kagoshima are the two major tea-producing regions. Shizuoka, located in the area between Mt. Fut and the Pacific coast west of Tokyo, is Japan's most prolific tea-growing region, accounting for about 40% of Japan's commercial production each year. Next is Kagoshima, in southern Kyushu in the far southwest of Japan's main archtpelago, which produces over 30% of Japan's tea.
Other important tea-growing regions Include the areas of Mie, In central Japan, famous for its long history of tea cultivation, and the anclent capitals - Nara and Kyoto - where Japanese Buddhism has its roots, and various parts of Kyushu, with its comparatively mild climes.

Main Tea Growing Regions in Japan

Main Tea Growing Regions in Japa