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Green tea leaf
Green tea leaf

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Business Overview

The ITO EN Group aims to contribute to the health of its customers around the world, helping every individual to enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle, with a focus on tea, which is an essential part of Japanese culture, under our management principle of "Always Putting the Customer First."

Tea Leaves and Beverages Business

ITO EN works to develop products that will constantly delight our customers and to offer customer-oriented services, based on the five concepts for product development: Natural, Healthy, Safe, Well-Designed, and Delicious.

Tea Leaves and Beverages Business

Restaurant Business

ITO EN operates a specialty coffee shop chain in Japan under the Tully's Coffee brand, which originated in Seattle, USA, with "serving communities" as the concept.

Restaurant Business

Others Business

We manufacture and sell vitamins and other supplements which support healthy life, primarily in North America.

Others Business

Value Chain

Our involvement in tea, which has been our core business since our foundation, has developed into a vertically integrated business spanning involvement in a wide-range of research and development and involvement at every stage of the manufacturing process, from the development of raw materials (tea farms) to final products and the recycling of used tea leaves discharged in the manufacturing process. We have developed a unique business model not found among our competitors.

Research, Planning and Development

Research, Planning and Development

Planning and development of products to fully use the materials from farms

Research and development toward the era of the 100-year lifespan

Contributing to people’s health needs and their ever-diversifying lifestyles

Helping enrich people’s dietary habits through our products and by communicating information about health benefits



Deriving raw ingredients from farms

Stable procurement of high-quality raw ingredients

Encouragement of environmentally friendly farming

Contributing to sustainable domestic agriculture

Stable operation of tea farmers and the creation of jobs

Effective utilization of dilapidated farmlands

Ingredient processing

Ingredient processing

Processing technologies to fully draw out the characteristics of high-quality raw ingredients suited to the final products

Selection and processing of raw ingredients to achieve the compatibility of the flavor and health benefits of a product

Processing raw ingredients at our plants in Japan

Fully leveraging the flavor and health benefits of ingredients

Production and Logistics

Production and Logistics

Manufacturing and logistics dividing the whole country into five blocks

Manufacturing technologies with compatibility between quality and environmental friendliness

Uncompromising quality control system

Environmentally friendly containers and packaging

Used Tea Leaves Recycling System

Stability of the management of manufacturing and logistics outsources

Manufacturing of safe, reliable and environmentally friendly products

Sales and Distribution

Sales and Distribution

Community-based route sales

Voice system for internal proposals

A wide variety of sales channels

Co-creation with local communities

Creation of connections through tea

Linked sales of products such as beverages and tea leaves

Sustainable growth of communities and business locations

Revitalization of local communities and society

Offering tasty, high-quality products

Brands and Products in Japan

Based on our five development concepts, we propose products which harness the power of tea - so familiar to Japanese people - and natural ingredients and help solve the health issues faced by our customers.

Tea Leaves
(loose leaf teas and tea bags)

Market leader for household-use
tea leaf products

Market leader for household-use tea leaf products No.1

ITO EN has been market leader in Japan's tea leaf products market since 1968, thanks to the success of packaged tea, which we developed as an alternative to tea sold by weight in response to lifestyle changes driven by the emergence of supermarkets around 1960.

Oi Ocha

Total sales volume
35 billion bottles

Total sales volume 35 billion bottles

In 1975, ITO EN embarked on the development of an easily-portable canned tea beverage, based on the idea of enabling more people to enjoy the delicious natural taste of green tea anytime, anywhere. In 1984, after a total of 67,200 prototypes, created using varying raw ingredients and processing and brewing methods, ITO EN developed the world’s first green tea beverage: canned Sencha (renamed Oi Ocha in 1989). Since then, Oi Ocha has gained popularity with customers all over the word as a leading brand of the tea which is so familiar to Japanese people.

Kenko Mineral Mugicha
(Healthy Mineral Barley Tea)

No.1 tea beverage

Caffeine-free No.1 tea beverage

Launched in 2002, Kenko Mineral Mugicha is popular all year round among all age groups as a barley tea beverage which has the roasted aroma and robust taste of authentic barley tea boiled in a kettle and which replenishes the body with minerals (phosphorus, manganese and sodium).

100% Vegetable Juice No.1

Ichinichibun no Yasai

100% Vegetable Juice

BLACK Bottle Can No.1

Tully's Coffee

BLACK Bottle Can

As of March 2022

Global Expansion

We are communicating the value of green tea around the world to meet the growing global health consciousness.

Oi Ocha
Global sales More than 30 countries and regions

Oi Ocha Global sales More than 30 countries and regions