Disclosure Policy

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Basic Stance of Information Disclosure

In the spirit of timely and appropriate provision of corporate information as stipulated in the ITO EN Group Code of Conduct, ITO EN endeavors to facilitate smooth communication with investors, shareholders, and all customers and strives to ensure the proactive disclosure of corporate information with due consideration given to transparency, fairness and consistency.

ITO EN discloses information according to the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and the Timely Disclosure Rules of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. ITO EN also works to proactively discloses non-financial information that is considered to be useful in providing a deeper understanding of the ITO EN Group, such as management strategies, marketing strategies and information regarding corporate sustainability.

Information Disclosure Method

Important information to which the Timely Disclosure Rules are applicable as provided in Tokyo Stock Exchange shall be registered in TDnet, indicated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange in accordance with the relevant Rules. We will promptly provide the same information to the press after registration, as well as posting the same materials on the website of ITO EN.

Performance forecasts and future prospects

In its information disclosure, ITO EN may make forward-looking statements based on information available at the time of disclosure with respect to performance plans, prospects, strategies, etc. Accordingly, actual results may differ materially from such statements, depending on changes in economic conditions, market environment and diverse other factors.

Quiet Period

To prevent leaks of financial results information and to ensure fairness, ITO EN defines the period from the day after the closing date of each quarter to the date of the announcement of the financial results for that quarter as a quiet period, in principle. During this period, we will refrain from making any comments on performance results or any inquiry. However, even during the quiet period, we will respond to inquiries about information that has already been made public. In addition, in the event of situations that fall under important facts to which timely disclosure is applicable during the quiet period, we will announce the matter in accordance with the Timely Disclosure Rules.

Disclaimer regarding use of disclosed information

The purpose of this website is to promote greater understanding of the ITO EN Group, and not necessarily to solicit investment in ITO EN. ITO EN takes due care in posting the information on this website, but ITO EN does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information. Please note that the information on this website is subject to change without notice.