Preferred Stock Information

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Preferred stock can receive dividends of profits preferentially compared to common stock.


  Class-A Preferred Stock Common Stock
Stock listing category Tokyo Stock Exchange, Prime Market
Security code 25935 2593
Voting rights None (Note 1) Available
Dividends Preferred dividend Amount of common dividend ×125% (Note 2) Any accrued amount is accumulated. Common dividend Not accumulated
Right to receive distributions of residual assets Equal with common stock (Note 3)  
Conversion rights into common stock No conversion right based on shareholder’s intention (Note 4)  
Share unit 100 shares
Shareholder special benefit plan Available
(Note 1)
In some cases, voting rights are available.
(Note 2)
The first decimal place is rounded up to the nearest whole number. The lower limit is 15 yen. Even when no dividend is paid for common stock, 15 yen per share is paid for preferred stock.
(Note 3)
If any accrued amount is accumulated, the shortfall in the payment is paid to the shareholders of preferred stock before the payment for common stock.
(Note 4)
In the specific cases shown below, the Company may obtain preferred stock in exchange for common stock at the ratio of 1:1.

[Specific cases]

1. Merger in which the Company becomes an extinct company and share exchange and share transfer in which the Company becomes a wholly owned subsidiary (except those implemented by the Company alone).

2. When, due to a tender offer for the Company’s common stock, the shareholding ratio of the tender offeror exceeds 50%.

3. When the listing of the preferred stock of the Company is abolished.