ITO EN Group Fundamental Supplier Policy

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Established :May, 2022

In accordance with our management principle of “Always Putting the Customer First,” the ITO EN Group strives to deliver safe and reliable products to our customers through procurement that takes into consideration social/environmental issues in cooperation with our supply chain partners. We urge suppliers who are doing business directly with us to proactively comply with this ITO EN Group Fundamental Supplier Policy and ask for their understanding and cooperation.

1. Pursuit of Quality, Safety and Reliability

Delivering products that fully satisfy our customers through activities to procure safe and reliable raw materials, etc., including an increased availability of traceability information and implementation of factory audits

2. Ensure Compliance

Complying with relevant laws, regulations and societal norms and implementing sound procurement activities

3. Fair and Equitable Transactions

Complying with laws, regulations, etc. applicable to the countries and regions in which we conduct our business and ensuring fair and equitable transactions

The ITO EN Group establishes individual procurement standards covering the procurement of raw materials, etc. from our suppliers.

4. Prohibition of Child Labor

Complying with laws and regulations related to child labor, and the minimum labor age and other requirements prescribed by the International Labor Organization, etc.

5. Prohibition of Forced or Compulsory Labor

Prohibiting all forms of forced labor, including slave labor and labor trafficking

6. Freedom of Association and Right to Collective Bargaining

Respecting the rights to form and participate in labor unions and the right to collective bargaining

7. Abolition of Discrimination and Prohibition of Labor Abuse

Maintaining workplaces that are free of discrimination, physical attacks, verbal abuse and harassment on the basis of sex, sexual orientation (and gender identity), age, ethnicity, nationality, race, religion, thoughts, belief, social status, family origin, disability, etc.

8. Working Hours and Wages

Complying with laws, regulations, etc. regarding working hours and minimum wages applicable to the countries and regions in which we conduct our business, as well as the International Bill of Human Rights, international labor standards and other internationally accepted norms for human rights

9. Providing a Safe and Sound Work Environment

Providing a work environment that is safe and secure and supports both the physical and mental health of employees

10. Consideration for Environment

Working to protect and maintain the environment through the use of sustainable resources, including conservation of resources and energy and reduction and recycling of waste, and complying with environmental laws, rules and relevant regulations

11. Grievance Mechanisms

In accordance with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, providing individuals with the right to access effective remedies when their rights have been adversely impacted by business activities and working to enhance fair and equal grievance mechanisms