ITO EN Group Procurement Policy

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Green tea leaf
Established :May, 2022

In accordance with our management principle of “Always Putting the Customer First” and our Code of Conduct, the ITO EN Group strives to deliver safe and reliable products to our customers by basing procurement on consideration of social/environmental issues in cooperation with our supply chain partners. The ITO EN Group implements procurement activities by focusing on the following six points toward the realization of a sustainable society.

1. Pursuit of Quality, Safety and Reliability

In accordance with the ITO EN Group Quality Policy, we deliver products that fully satisfy our customers through activities to procure safe and reliable raw materials, etc., including the increased availability of traceability information and implementation of factory audits.

2. Ensure Compliance

In accordance with the ITO EN Group Code of Conduct, we comply with relevant laws, regulations and societal norms and implement sound procurement activities.

3. Fair Procurement

To deliver products, etc. to customers based on appropriate conditions through fair market competition, we provide equal business opportunities and conduct fair procurement activities. We also select suppliers for raw materials, etc. by comprehensively evaluating their initiatives on human rights, labor practices and environmental matters, in addition to their quality, prices and supply system aspects.

4. Respect for Human Rights, Consideration for Work Environment and Occupational Safety and Health

In accordance with the ITO EN Group Human Rights Policy, we respect human rights from stakeholders’ perspectives and take steps to procure raw materials, etc. based on consideration of the working environment and occupational safety and health.

5. Environmental Considerations

In accordance with the ITO EN Group Environmental Policy, we take steps to procure raw materials, etc. based on consideration of the global environment through the effective use of resources, reduction of waste, constraints on greenhouse gas emissions, etc.

6. Full Enforcement of Information Management

We appropriately manage confidential information and personal information in relation to activities to procure raw materials, etc. by complying with relevant laws, regulations, etc.