ITO EN Group Risk Management Policy

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Green tea leaf
Established :May, 2022

The ITO EN Group defines risks as events that may affect the purpose of corporate management, and works to maintain and improve corporate value by comprehensively and strategically managing and appropriately handling risks that impede the achievement of objectives from a holistic perspective.

1. Objectives

1. To achieve business continuity and safeguard assets

2. To ensure stakeholders' trust

3. To ensure the safety of officers and employees and their families

2. Action Guidelines

1. We recognize risk management as one of our most important management issues.

2. We will seek to improve our ability to deal with risks through risk management.

3. We will promote sensitivity to risks and share information about risks.

4. We will aim for a rapid response to and recovery from any serious risk that materializes.

5. We will strive to maintain and enhance our corporate value through the implementation of risk management.

3. Systems

1. We will formulate risk management regulations separately to clarify the systems and basic matters of risk management.

2. To strengthen the enterprise risk management of the ITO EN Group as a whole, we will establish a Risk Management Committee (Chair: President) as an advisory body to the Board of Directors and endeavor to obtain an overall view of risk information and deal with risks quickly and appropriately.

4. Risk Management Policy

1. We will regularly verify the implementation status of risk management and revise our policy as and when necessary.

2. We will identify and evaluate significant risks and take action to avoid or mitigate them.