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Green tea leaf
Green tea leaf
ITO EN's Green Tea Brand

ITO EN's Green Tea Brand

We started our business as a small green tea company in Japan in 1964. Since then our green tea has been enjoyed by people all over the world. We have continued to expand our high quality green teas globally. With our passion for green tea, we now can provide you with various ways to enjoy green tea, from loose leaf teas, tea bags, powders and beverages.

Global Brand

In overseas markets, we are currently focused on developing two brands.

Local Brands and Sales

Oi OchaNo.1 Green Tea BrandOi OchaBeverage/Tea bags/Loose Tea Leaf/Powder

Oi Ocha was created in 1989 as the flagship brand of Japanese tea company ITO EN. It is a mega-brand that has expanded and led the Japanese green tea market for many years since its release, and even today continues to maintainits stable position.

The Oi Ocha has even been recognized since 2019 with a Guinness World Record as the world's biggest selling natural healthy RTD green tea beverage and has continued to expand its footprint as an innovative brand driving the global green tea market.

The brand name was derived from the Japanese phrase "Oi ocha!" which means "Tea please!".

No.1 Green Tea Brand in Japan Oi Ocha
Created in 1989

Long-running seller
for over decades

Oi Ocha is a long-selling product that has reigned at the top of the Japanese green tea market for more than three decades since its 1989 release

Sales of green tea beverage

World No. 1 *

Oi Ocha set the record for the highest green tea beverage sales in the world for 2018, and was recognized with a Guinness World Record in 2019

Green tea in PET plastic bottle

First in the world

Developed the world's first PET bottled green tea beverage

Overseas expansion

Approximately 40 countries and regions

Global sales about 40 countries and regions

* Recognized by Guinness World Records. Official name of record: Largest NH RTD green tea brand (retail RSP, current). Record-setting brand: Oi Ocha (Excluding Oi Ocha Hojicha products). Target period: Jan–Dec, 2022.

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MATCHA GREEN TEAMATCHA GREEN TEATea bags/Matcha Powder(Sweet/Unsweet)

This is the brand for tea leaf products that Japanese tea expert ITO EN has uniquely developed for the global market by pooling its collective strengths.

The brand is based around high-grade matcha (powdered green tea) that symbolizes Japan's traditional tea-drinking culture, and is known for its distinctive natural and beautiful green color. All matcha green tea products are free of colorants, fragrances and artificial additives, with a focus on natural ingredients in pursuit of safety and peace of mind.

ITO EN MATCHA GREEN TEA Tea bags/Matcha Powder(Sweet/Unsweet)
Green tea leaf product brand

Overseas only

ITO EN has pooled its collective strengths as an expert in Japanese tea and developed an "overseas only" brand for the global market

The symbol of Japan's tea-drinking culture


The product lineup is based around high-grade matcha that symbolizes Japan's traditional tea-drinking culture

Free from additives

Natural ingredients

The brand uses no artificial additives, providing the authentic taste of fresh tea leaves processed in their natural state.

Good for the body

Health conscious

Matcha, which is made by grinding whole tea leaves, is healthy because it allows the body to absorb all its nutrients.

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