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in Japan

We offer an extensive lineup offering everything from loose leaf teas to ready-to-drink products. Here are our top sellers.

(Roasted Barley Tea)

Drinking mugicha is a delicious way to keep you hydrated year-round and can be enjoyed during any season. Our roasted barley tea is brewed the old-fashioned way with a kettle and offers a full and toasty flavor.

Being caffeine-free, mugicha is ideal for all ages ranging from babies to the elderly.

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Featuring a full-bodied flavor and clean finish, our coffee beverages are made from 100% Arabica beans, the fruits of the finest coffee plant on the planet.

We combine superior roasting techniques to draw out the distinct character out of every bean and craft a coffee with a smooth and balanced taste.


Vegetable Beverages

We also offer a line of great-tasting and healthy vegetable drinks, such as Ichinichibun no Yasai (A daily worth of vegetables), which contains the nutritional equivalent of 350 grams of vegetables, the recommended daily intake, and Jujitsu-Yasai, a mixed fruit and vegetable beverage.

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Jasmine Tea

Enjoy the sweet fragrance and refreshing taste of jasmine.

Our jasmine tea brings you the naturally soothing scent of the flower without any added flavorings.

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