Business Model
Based on Customer First

Business Operations That Generate Value Chains, Based on Unique Innovation and Social Value

ITO EN aims to achieve a long-term, continuous improvement in its corporate value with a focus on becoming a sustainable company. We have utilized management capital to refine our strengths and create a diverse range of innovations. Moving forward, we will continue working to create value towards achieving our medium- to long-term goals by further improving and enhancing our corporate governance, and by collaborating with stakeholders.

( Sources of competitive advantage )

Financial capital

  • ROE-based corporate management
  • Three financial aspects: profitability, efficiency and financial standing

Manufacturing capital

  • Fabless production
  • Block production system

Intellectual capital

  • Five development concepts
  • High-level product development capabilities

Human capital

  • ITO EN TEA TASTER qualification
  • Route sales

Social and relationship capital

  • Percentage of crude tea handled by ITO EN

Natural capital

  • Production volume and tea plantation area secured through the Tea-Producing Region Development Project

Value Perspective

Management principleAlways Putting the Customer First

Sustainable corporate philosophy
Sustainable corporate philosophy

Business Model

ITO EN Shared Value Creation Model

Value Circle
CSV-type business operations based on unique innovations, social value and business value

Strategies for Achieving Sustainable Growth

Medium- to Long-Term Management Plan

Financial Aspects

Creating stable and continuous profits

Targets for FY4/2022
Consolidated net sales


billion yen



or higher

Total return ratio


or more

Ratio of overseas sales to total sales


Area developed through the Tea-Producing
Region Development Project


Non-Financial Aspects

CSR / CSV promotion activities and improving ESG evaluations

Strategies for Achieving Sustainable Growth

Become a good, global company that spreads
Japanese dietary culture and technology to the world

Global Tea Company

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