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ITO EN’s Business Model for Responding to ESG

The ITO EN Group is working to enhance its response to ESG-related issues, for which there are ever-increasing demands.

Below is a summary of our flagship green tea business, as an example of the Group’s business model for responding to ESG.

ESG relates to each stage of our value chain (procurement, production and logistics, product planning and development, sales and distribution) as shown below. In its response to each of these ESG issues, the group refers to the SDGs (which it regards as a global common language for sustainability), and sets its own activity targets.

The key ingredient in driving these initiatives is the foundation that underpins creation of value, which consists of key elements such as governance, human resources management, and so on.

  • Environment
  • Social
  • Governance
  • Main Business Activities
  • ESG
  • Main Related SDGs

Tea-Producing Region Development Project

Sustainable farming
  • sdg_icon02
Creation of jobs/Employment
  • sdg_icon08
Environmental conservation agriculture
  • sdg_icon12
Production and Logistics

Used Tea Leaves Recycling System

Sustainable use of resources
  • sdg_icon074
  • sdg_icon09
  • sdg_icon01
Product Planning and Development

Health-Conscious Products

Products that contribute to health
  • sdg_icon03
  • sdg_icon09
Sales and Distribution

Environmentally-Conscious Business Vehicles

Response to climate change, prevention of global warming
  • sdg_icon07
  • sdg_icon13
Sustainability in harmony with local communities and the environment
  • sdg_icon11
  • sdg_icon12

Tea-Making Seminars

Offering knowledge to customers and achieving widespread popularization of tea culture
  • sdg_icon04
  • sdg_icon11
  • sdg_icon12

ITO EN Oi Ocha New Haiku Contest

Passing on traditional Japanese culture and utilizing it in education
  • sdg_icon04

“Making Japan Beautiful Through Tea”

Preservation of culture
  • sdg_icon04
Environmental conservation
  • sdg_icon11
  • sdg_icon13
Conservation of water cycles and biodiversity
  • sdg_icon06
  • sdg_icon14
  • sdg_icon15

Foundation That Underpins
Creation of Value

Corporate governance, risk management, compliance, supply chain management,
respect for human rights, human resources management, finance management

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