How To Use
Vending Machines

Japanese vending machines for drinks are unique in the world. They are energy efficient, disaster responsive, and can be used as a communication tool. Let us tell you how to use them.

The photograph on the right is of a Japanese vending machine. There are over 16 million vending machines in Japan alone.

Vending Machines
Please buy your drink by inserting Japanese Yen.
You can use coins or 1,000 yen bills.
(Please be aware you cannot use 1 yen coins, 5 yen coins, 5,000 yen bills and 10,000 yen bills.)
Vending Machine
The lamps on the product buttons will flash.
Vending Machine
Please press the button for your desired drink.
Please take your drink out of the dispenser slot.
Vending Machine
Please press the lever to release your change and make sure you do not forget to take it.
Vending Machine

Please enjoy both hot and cold drinks
even when you're outside.

tea box leaf leaf

What We're Good At!

Examination System

Excellent Quality Control and Examination System

All tea leaves and tea bags are manufactured in our own factories where drinks products meet standard quality control. Both ingredients and products go through the analysis of flavor/machinery and the testing of microorganisms/pesticide residues by factory’s side and company’s side. Moreover, we share information with our manufacturing factories and have regular quality control meetings with the factory representative in order to assure the safety procedure and liability of producing tea products.

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