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Aiming for a Society in Which Everyone Can Enjoy a Healthy and Active Life

Basic Approach

By working with our diverse stakeholders, ITO EN continues to create and offer high health-promoting value attuned to changes in lifestyle.

Under its management principle of “Always Putting the Customer First,” ITO EN worked with a variety of partners to successfully develop the world’s first canned oolong and canned green teas. Since then, ITO EN has utilized its network of diverse stakeholders, including partner companies and experts, to quickly innovate in response to customer needs as they arise, continuing to create new value in the form of products.

ITO EN’s Research and Development Division is engaged in both basic and applied research based on the concept of developing products that are natural, healthy, safe, well-designed and delicious. In addition to offering additional health value to customers through collaboration with diverse stakeholders, ITO EN also conducts socially and environmentally conscious research through the development of new containers and filling methods for beverages, and through the systematization of effective methods for utilizing used tea leaves discharged in the manufacturing process, while working to commercialize these innovations.

As both a leading tea manufacturer and comprehensive beverage company, we have persistently studied and developed technology related to issues such as flavor and the environment, in addition to the health-promoting properties of foods, continuing to offer customers suggestions for a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

ITO EN’s long-term vision is to be a “Global Tea Company”, one that delivers the value of tea -in everything from its traditions to cutting-edge technology- to customers around the world as part of a lifestyle proposal. We will work to leverage the technical capabilities we have cultivated over many years, continuing to take on the challenge of new fields of research while pursuing sustainable growth.

Advantages of ITO EN
Advantages of ITO EN

Open Innovation

By bringing technology and ideas to fruition through an accumulation of fundamental technology and
alliances with diverse stakeholders, ITO EN continues to offer customers a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle.

Processes for Creating Shared Value
Forming a Sustainable Brand

  • Innovation
    • Day-to-Day collaboration between company departments and divisions leads to accurate reflection of customer voices in product planning and development
    • Product planning and development is backed by academic/scientific findings through fundamental research
    • On-target patent and trademark strategies
  • Social Value
    Value offered to consumers
    • Provision of highly-original products based on customer viewpoints, as can be seen in ITO EN’s creation of many “Industry First” products
    • Provision of safe, natural and healthy products that avoid use of artificial additives as much as possible
    • Provision of delicious, well-designed products that match the needs of the customers who will actually purchase them (in terms of gender, age, and so on)
    • Evocation of demand through extensive product lineups
  • Business Value
    Securing sustainable profits
    • Differentiation from other firms through product development capabilities
    • Enhancement of brand power
    • Securing high market share

Research and Announcement of Findings
Relating to Food Products with Health Value

  • ITO EN
    Value for ITO EN
    • Brand establishment
    • Increased sales, expansion of market share and product differentiation through total marketing
  • Value for society
    • Benefits of health conscious information
    • Sustainable consumer lifestyles

Three Key Research Areas

  • Palatability

    We work to maximize the flavor of our ingredients, pursuing technologies that allow that flavor to be maintained over long periods of time, while also engaging in research that leads to a rediscovery of flavors that suit changing lifestyles.

  • Health

    As customer lifestyles diversify, we work to ensure they can continue to enjoy healthy daily lives by engaging in research related and health-promoting properties of food and beverage ingredients.

  • Environment

    To contribute to resolving social and environmental issues through its business,
    ITO EN is attempting to develop environmentally friendly containers, and develop new technology related to waste reduction and recycling.

Research and Technology Development at ITO EN

Research and Technology Development in " World’s First " and " Industry First " Teas

As a leading tea company, ITO EN has spent nearly a half-century engaged in wide-ranging tea research and development, opening up new possibilities for tea.

We will continue to offer new values to our customers through collaboration with a diverse range of stakeholders.

  • Palatability
    Natural Extraction, Fresh Production Methods
    • Reproducing the flavor of tea made in a teapot
    • Maintaining the freshness of green tea’s aroma and flavor
    Tea-Producing Region Development Project
    • Increases quality of crude tea and stable procurement of raw materials
    Quality Control
    • Maintain and increase quality
  • Health
    Tea Components
    • Analysis of the health-promoting qualities of catechins
    • Analysis of the health-promoting qualities of theanine and other components
  • Environment
    Non-Sterilant Bottle
    • Spread of resource- and energy-conserving products
    • Contributing to a sustainable society and environment
    Tea Leaf Recycling System
    • Cost reduction through resource conservation and recycling
  • Patent Strategy

    • Differentiation with other companies’ products, brand damage control, ensuring competitiveness
    • Contributing to anti-counterfeit measures

Research and Technology Development on the Health Effects of Vegetables and Other Food and Beverage Ingredients and Manufacturing Technology

Using open innovation methods refined with tea, ITO EN is working to build a unique value chain in other categories, including vegetables. At each stage of the value chain, we also create commensurate social and environmental value, contributing to sustainable development goals (SDGs).

  • Palatability
    Natural Sweetness Production Method
    (Carrot Raw Ingredient)
    • Proprietary production methods matched to the raw material
    Contracted Cultivation
    • Stable raw ingredient procurement (carrots, etc.)
    Quality Control
    • Maintain and increase quality
  • Health
    Vegetable and Fruit Components
    • Analysis of the health-promoting properties of beta carotene
    • Analysis of the health-promoting properties of polyphenol and other components found in food
  • Environment
    Aluminum-Free Paper Pack Container
    • Product differentiation through high added-value products
    • Contributing to a sustainable society and environment
  • Patent Strategy

    • Differentiation with other companies’ products, brand damage control, ensuring competitiveness
    • Contributing to anti-counterfeit measures
  • Appropriate Information Disclosure

    • Displaying raw materials and place of origin
    • Providing health-related information

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