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Green Tea

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ITO EN - Japan's No. 1* Tea Drink Company -

Introducing the "flavor" and "fun" of Japanese tea to the world.

*Unit Sales from January 2017 to December 2017

Through our own unique techniques, we rearrange the culture of Japanese "Green Tea" to suit the lifestyles of the people in the world, contributing to a healthy and joyful everyday life with "flavor" and "fun."


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Oi Ocha

Oi Ocha

(Product Introduction)

Japan's best selling tea Drinks. Tastes and packaging are changed according to the season.

Oi Ocha (Product Introduction)

Shop and Souvenirs Introduction

Shops where you can enjoy genuine Japanese teas and sweets made from Matcha. Introducing tea souvenirs you can take back to your country.

Shop and Souvenirs Introduction
Shop Introduction
Vending Machines

How to Use
Vending Machines

Here we introuce how to use vending machines

How to Use Vending Machines

ITO EN Oi Ocha
New Haiku Contest

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The largest creative public contest in Japan works with more than 70 countries around the world.

Every year, recruiting starts from November 3rd to the end of February. The winner will be announced on July 7th.

ITO EN Oi Ocha
New Haiku Contest



Background Information on Japanese Green tea.


About Us

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Green Tea

The Japanese and Green Tea

One of the reasons behind the longevity of the Japan is attributed to Japanese food. Green Tea is a refreshing everyday drink that is said to be served with Japanese food for 1,200 years.

Green Tea

ITO EN's policy towards

"protecting the culture of drinking Green Tea"

Due to changes in Japanese lifestyles, the consumption of Green Tea fell in the 1970s. In the past, tea Leaves could only be purchased in specialty stores. Because of this reason, ITO EN developed packaged tea for supermarkets. In 1985, we developed the first ever canned Green Tea and in 1990, launched the sale of Green Tea in PET bottles. ITO EN will continue to innovate delicious tea in the future.

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Our policy regarding drinking tea brewed in Japanese teapots (Kyusu)

Although the consumption of Green Tea in plastic bottles and cans increases every year, it is ITO EN's hope people will also learn to enjoy Green Tea brewed in Japanese teapots (Kyusu). In order to promote the "flavor" and "fun" and the health benefits of drinking Green Tea, ITO EN holds special tea drinking events and seminars.

Through product development that changes with the times and activities that strive to protect the tradition of drinking Japanese tea, ITO EN hopes to bring health and richness to the people of the world.

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What We're Good At!

Examination System

Excellent Quality Control and Examination System

All tea leaves and tea bags are manufactured in our own factories where drinks products meet standard quality control. Both ingredients and products go through the analysis of flavor/machinery and the testing of microorganisms/pesticide residues by factory’s side and company’s side. Moreover, we share information with our manufacturing factories and have regular quality control meetings with the factory representative in order to assure the safety procedure and liability of producing tea products.

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