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In 1984, ITO EN pioneered the world's first canned green tea beverage Kan-iri Sencha. Five years later, in 1989, we introduced Oi Ocha, which is currently our flagship brand. Over the years since its launch, Oi Ocha has developed into a brand loved by consumers across Japan thanks to our rigorous pursuit of taste and quality based on the use of no flavorant additives and 100% domestic tea leaves. Through our efforts, we will ensure that Oi Ocha continues to be a customer favorite for years to come.
Moreover, ITO EN will continue to create brands loved by consumers across Japan, including vegetable drinks such as Jujitsu Yasai (Vegetables Galore) and Ichinichibun no Yasai (A Day's Worth of Vegetables), coffee beverages such as Tully's Coffee, and tea drinks under the TEA'S TEA brand.

Oi Ocha
Jujitsu Yasai Ichinichibun no Yasai Tully's Coffee TEAS' TEA TEAS' TEA evian

China and Southeast Asia

In China, activities such as tea plantation management and tea leaf processing, as well as the manufacturing and sales of beverages mainly for the domestic market, are conducted by two joint venture firms. In Southeast Asia, we have established business bases in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Myanmar.

ITO EN Beverage (Shanghai), Ltd.

China and Southeast Asia

North America

ITO EN (North America) INC. was established in New York in 2001. Developing business operations focusing on the mass market and natural food markets across the United States, the company aims to introduce authentic green tea and to establish the ITO EN brand. The United States continues to see an increasing consumer awareness with respect to green tea, and demand is on the rise in regions across that market.

ITO EN (North America) INC.

North America


In 1987, ITO EN (USA) INC. was established in Hawaii, where it commenced the manufacture and sales of canned beverages such as tropical juices, sugar-free teas, and coffee.

ITO EN (Hawaii) LLC.


In anticipation of increased future demand for green tea raw materials and to secure a stable supply, ITO EN AUSTRALIA PTY. LIMITED was established in 1994 in Victoria, Australia, where the climate resembles that of Japan, and engages in the production and sales of tea leaves, as well as sales of beverages.