About ITO EN

47-10, Honmachi 3-chome, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-8550, Japan

Today the health benefits of green tea, a tea cherished by Japanese for generations, are drawing attention. Nature has provided us with the good taste and healthy properties of green tea. We at ITO EN have consistently proposed a healthy and rich lifestyle through natural beverages.
We would like to deliver better tasting and health-conscious products by always considering "what customers are still now dissatisfied with."
The product development concepts that guide us in realizing this desire are natural, healthy, safe, well-designed and delicious. ITO EN provides safe beverages that contribute to the maintenance of health without altering the taste of the nature-grown ingredients and in a form appropriate for that era. This intent is included in all ITO EN products.
The current era is one of astonishing growth in science and technology. While realizing this influence, we at ITO EN also value our corporate stance as one that walks with nature.

Management Principle

“Always Putting the Customer First”

Since its establishment in 1966, ITO EN has consistently adhered to the
management principle of “Always Putting the Customer First.”
The foundation of business management at ITO EN is our commitment to place
importance on each and every customer.

ITO EN credo Mission Statement Our mission is to put the customer first, make integrity our stock in trade, spare no effort, and earn the confidence and trust of society.

The ITO EN Way of Business

ITO EN provide s customers with beverages with delicious natural flavor, placing importance on the goodness of nature. In accordance with the management principle “Always Putting the Customer First,” we think of our customers with single-minded purpose and bring goodness and health to people's lives by adhering to the “Still Now” ethos of considering what our customers might like to see improved. We endeavor to create products based on the five product development concepts of “natural,” “healthy,” “safe,” “well-designed,” and “delicious” and continue to pursue new possibilities and challenges.

Medium-to Long-Term Plans

The History of ITO EN

1966 Aug The Frontier Tea Corporation, ITO EN's predecessor, established in Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture.
1969 May Company name changed to ITO EN, LTD.
1972 Feb Introduction of high-speed automatic wrapping equipment developed by Industrial Gesellschaft of Switzerland. Development of vacuum pack technology to preserve the freshness of green tea leaves.
1974 May Shizuoka Sagara Plant constructed in Sagara Town (now Makinohara City), Haibara, Shizuoka Prefecture, and production systems consolidated there.
1979 Aug Signed a contract with the China National Native Produce and Animal By-Products Import and Export Corporation, a Chinese company, to become the first company to import oolong tea into Japan. Oolong tea sales also commenced.
1981 Mar Developed and commenced sales of Canned Oolong Tea. Full-scale entry into beverage market followed.
1985 Feb Successfully launched Canned Green Tea.
1987 Jul Established ITO EN (USA) INC. in Hawaii to play a key role in overseas expansion.
1989 Feb Canned green tea line renamed under the Oi Ocha brand.
1990 Mar Launched Oi Ocha Green Tea, the industry's fi rst green tea beverage in a PET bottle (1.5-liter).
1992 May Initial public offering.
  Sep Launched Jujitsu Yasai (Vegetables Galore).
1993 Dec Issued convertible bonds worth 140 million Swiss francs.
1994 Jun Issued convertible bonds worth 100 million Swiss francs.
  Sep Established ITO EN AUSTRALIA PTY. LIMITED in Australia. Joint venture established with Ningbo Shunyi Tea Products Co., Ltd. in China. Stock listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1996 Sep Established joint venture Fujian New Oolong Drink Co., Ltd.
1998 Feb Stock advanced to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  Oct Launched beverages in heatable PET bottles, a leading-edge development in the industry.
2000 Oct Launched beverages in heatable PET bottles, a leading-edge development in the industry.
2001 May Established ITO EN (North America) INC.
2004 May Launched Oi Ocha Koi Aji (Dark) and Ichinichibun no Yasai (A Day's Worth of Vegetables).
  Oct ITO EN AUSTRALIA PTY. LIMITED built and commenced production at new raw tea leaf factory.
2006 Jun ITO EN strengthened its U.S. business by acquiring shares in Mason Distributors, Inc., a Florida-based supplier of nutritional supplements.
  Oct Seeking to expand its coffee business, ITO EN made FoodX Globe Co., Ltd. (now Tully's Coffee Japan Co., Ltd.), which operates the Tully's Coffee chain, a consolidated subsidiary.
2007 Sep Class-A preferred stock listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
2008 Mar Agreement signed with Groupe DANONE (France), giving ITO EN exclusive marketing rights in Japan for evian natural mineral water.
2009 Aug Launched black tea line, TEAS' TEA NEW YORK.
2010 Feb Established GREEN VALUE CO., LTD. to handle maintenance and procurement of automated vending machines.
2011 May ITO EN made Chichiyasu Company a consolidated subsidiary to further expand its dairy business.
2012 Jun Established ITO EN Asia Pacific Holdings Pte. Ltd. in Singapore.
  Sep Established ITO EN BEVERAGE (SHANGHAI), LTD. in China.
  Oct ITO EN made NEOS Corporation a consolidated subsidiary.
2013 May Established ITO EN (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Thailand.
  Jul Established a joint venture for the manufacturing and sales of beverages in Indonesia.
  Sep TSUCHIKURA Co., Ltd. became a wholly owned consolidated subsidiary.
2015 Feb ITO EN(North America) INC. obtains 100% of the shares of Distant Lands Trading Company,Inc.,which is involved in the cultivation and sale of coffee beans mainly in the United States.
  Aug Launched global brand products, MATCHA GREEN TEA collection.
2016 Jun Completion of Matcha processing plant at the Shizuoka Sagara Plant.
  Sep Completion of Kobe Plant (crude ter factory) in Kobe-shi,Hyogo.